Plymouth Meeting, PA Pest Control

Plymouth Meeting pennsylvania pest control

Plymouth Meeting is home to a variety of pests that invade homes all year long. Whether it’s standard pests like ants and spiders, or destructive pests like termites, bed bugs or wildlife, Patriot Pest Solutions can solve your pest problems. We offer a 100% guarantee on all returning services. If you see pests between regularly scheduled treatments, we will return to your home or business for free to take care of the infestation. Our state licensed, expert technicians will perform and thorough walk-through of your home or business to investigate infestations. Once completed, the technician will recommend a plan of attack and educate you on the steps you can take to reduce pesticide use in the future with integrated pest management techniques.

Patriot Pest Solutions is a family owned and operated company located in Montgomery county. As a family owned business and local residents of the area, we understand how supporting local business benefits the entire community.

Plymouth Meeting pennsylvania pest control

Quality service and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We share a commitment to ethical, professional and environmentally responsible service. We guarantee you the highest standards of integrity and we focus not just on solving your immediate problem, but on earning your long-term trust.

Plymouth Meeting pennsylvania pest control

Pest Control

Ants, cockroaches, fleas and spiders are common pests found in Plymouth Meeting. These pests can enter your home in a variety of ways like entering through cracks around doors and windows. Seeing a single ant, cockroach or flea always means there are more in areas you can't see. Spot treatment with over-the-counter sprays may kill visible bugs, but only a trained professional pest control professional can eliminate your pest problems completely.

organic certified pest control PA

Green Pro Certified Organic Pest Control

Go organic and choose the most natural pest control solution available! GreenPro certification ensures that you'll receive a smart, effective and environmentally responsible service each time we arrive at your door. Less than 1% of pest control companies in Pennsylvania have earned the GreenPro certification. We carefully select natural products that provide effective, targeted pest control solutions. These scientifically engineered low toxicity products are more effective and biodegradable to minimize the impact on our environment.

plymouth bed bug removal

Bed Bug Control

A common myth about bed bugs is that they are a result of uncleanliness. However, bed bugs can infest any home because they are notorious hitchhikers. Bed bugs have made a resurgence in the last few years due to increased international travel, shipping, and pesticide resistance. Once they're on clothes or in baggage, these pests will quickly infest your home or business because they are prolific breeders. They prefer living in cracks and crevices of furniture and mattresses and they move easily through wall spaces to infest many rooms in a structure. This is why they are a nightmare for hotels, condos and apartments. While there has been no proof that they spread disease, they do feed on the blood of their hosts by biting the skin. Depending on the location and severity of the infestation of your Plymouth property, we offer several effective bed bug solutions:

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatment - Eliminate 100% of eggs, nymphs and adults with one heat treatment. Heat penetrates walls, furniture and mattresses. This treatment does not use chemicals and the room can be used within 24 hours of service.
  • Bed Bug Steam Treatment - Steam treatments are 100% effective, eliminating adults, nymphs and eggs. Steam requires extensive treatment of furniture and mattresses. Typically requires 2 services for full control. No chemicals used during this process.
  • Bed Bug Conventional Treatment - Bed bug pesticide application is ideal for a small infestation that is caught in the early stages. The pesticide used is low toxicity, low odor and may require regular treatment to gain full control.
Plymouth Meeting pennsylvania rodent control removal

Rodent Control & Removal

Rats and mice carry disease and other pests.They are typically found in kitchens and bathrooms in homes near sources of water and food. Effective rodent control involves population reduction with the use of traps, baits and tracking powders. Rodent stations are placed around the perimeter of your home to ensure no future rodents move in. After the rodents have been successfully removed from the home, we focus on effective sanitation and rodent exclusion to keep them from re-entering the building.

Termite Control

Protect your home from termites before the damage occurs with regular subterranean termite treatments. We're state certified and have performed hundreds of wood destroying pest inspections. Our non-repellent termiticides and baits are effective at stopping termite colonies where they start. Termites are highly social insects which communicate by contact with one another. Our non-repellent above-ground and in-ground treatments are transferred by treated termites throughout the colony like a virus, eliminating your termite colony.

Plymouth Meeting pennsylvania wildlife control

Wildlife Control & Removal

Wildlife removal is increasingly important because urban sprawl reduces wildlife habitats. In many cases, wildlife species co-exist with their human neighbors leading to situations where action is needed to protect the wildlife, your family or home. Patriot Pest Solutions offers over 20 years experience in wildlife removal and exclusion. We're fully insured and licensed with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, National Wildlife Control Operators Association and the Pennsylvania Trappers Association. All of our Quality Pro certified, state-licensed technicians are fully insured and ready to eliminate your wildlife problem.

mosquito pest control plymouth PA

Mosquito Control

100% organic mosquito control barrier treatments are a cost effective way to kill and repel mosquitoes and gnats. Our organic mosquito control plans keep you, your pets and your children safe through the warm season. We'll inspect your home and yard to find contributing factors to a mosquito problem. We treat foliage, vegetation, shrubbery areas, patios, eaves, covered porches, and other resting areas. We'll help you reclaim your space and enjoy Plymouth summers without fear of itchy mosquito bites! Our services are 100% guaranteed, if you don't like your service - you don't pay! If you’re tired of mosquitoes and gnats buzzing around your home and backyard, call us today and see why people choose Patriot Pest Solutions for their mosquito control in Plymouth.

Pest Control Reviews

5 star review

Loved that Patriot Pest Solutions used products that were safe to be around my children and hardwood floors. The product was effective in romping my ants with one service. Technician was friendly and informative.

5 star review

Extremely thorough and very informative. My son had been living in an apartment in Center City that became infested with bed bugs. Even though we were very cautious(washing all his clothes etc) he was terrified he may have brought them home. I called another exterminating company who came out and inspected. They found no sign of bed bugs but talked me into a "preventative" treatment for a couple of hundred dollars. Fortunately my son thought that was suspicious and my maintenance man gave me the name of Patriot Pest Solutions. They came out the next day and did a thorough inspection and found nothing. But the best part was they explained all about bed bugs.... where they start, how they multiply, where they move to once there is an infestation etc. They also said that a "preventative" treatment was a waste of money. I was really happy that I called them and would not hesitate to call them again for any pest problem.

5 star review

We just had Patriot Pest Solutions out here last week because we've had TONS of ants over the last few weeks and since they left I have not seen one ant! AMAZING!! When Chad came out he was on time, friendly, and seemed very knowledgeable. Most importantly he was thorough! We've had other companies come out and it seems like they're there for 15 minutes and then leave. Chad really took his time explaining what (and why) he was doing certain things and I appreciated that. I highly recommend Patriot Pest Solutions!

5 star review

Highly recommend. Dane was very thorough and informative. He came out to check for bats. He was right on time and professional and best of all, no charge for initial consultation. Critter control was going to charge $269 just to look around. I will use Patriot Pest Solutions again, thanks for the great service.

5 star review

Justin M is the best! He is a great tech. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Checks on all my concerns. He is wonderful in helping alleviating my crazy spider phobia!!!

5 star review

Outstanding service. Promptly scheduled. Arrived on time and very pleasant to deal with. We called about a bat issue. He found no evidence of bats but did find that we have a mice issue in our attic which they will take care of for us. I highly recommend this firm!

5 star review

We called in a panic because we thought we found bed bugs. James was over pretty quickly and talked us off the ledge even before he did the inspection! We were so happy to discover that it was carpet beetles instead! Thankful for his expertise and direction! Hoping we don’t have any more pest problems but if we do it’s good to know we know an honest skilled company to call! Will definitely refer others to them!

5 star review

We have a flying squirrel problem in our attic and roof space and Dane T. has been so helpful in hopefully getting rid of our problem, he is knowledgeable, polite, punctual and thorough, would recommend Dane T and Patriot Pest Solutions.

5 star review

Kim was totally professional. She made me feel that I was dealing with a company that knew what it was doing, and this was the second company that I called. Dane was a joy. Although the raccoon had left before he arrived, he gave me some tips for securing my property, and schooled me on raccoon behavior. If I ever, again, have critter problems, I'll certainly give them a call, and I'll request Dane.

5 star review

We had a terrible bee infestation inside our offices. I contacted Patriot Pest Solutions and they sent someone out within a few hours. They were very knowledgeable, friendly and also took care of a mice issue, much to our relief. Very pleased with the through inspection and quick response. Many Thanks

5 star review

Dane helped with a squirrel problem in my chimney. He checked the problem, explained the solution, spelled out the plan and helped me to feel better about my concerns. Dane was very polite and business like in his manner. I would strongly recommend Dane to serve any customer and to provide a possible solution to a pest / wildlife problem. I have personally recommended Patriot Pest Solutions to members of my family and to my neighbors. I intend to continue depending on Patriot Pest Solutions.

Satisfaction Guarantee

pest control 100% guarantee

With over 50 years of experience, you can rest assure that Patriot Pest Solutions can eradicate any pest problem you may have in your residence or commercial property. Our family-owned business offers the best wildlife and pest preventative and removal solutions. We pride ourselves on being a results oriented business offering 100% pest control guarantee.

Quality Pro Certified

certified quality professional pest control Plymouth Meeting

We're a Certified QualityPro company by the National Pest Management Association. We offer GreenPro Solutions which means our technicians are up to date with the latest training and certifications to provide you with the best and safest pest management service possible.