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Malvern is home to a variety of pests that invade homes and businesses. Whether it’s standard pests like ants and spiders or destructive pests like bed bugs, termites or wildlife, Patriot Pest Solutions provides the best in all-around pest control. We take pride in our results and offer a 100% guarantee on our work. If you see pests between regularly scheduled service, we’ll come back for free to treat the problem.

Patriot Pest Solutions is a veteran owned and family operated company. We know exactly how to treat the pest problem and get the best results. Our company has an Associate Certified Entomologist with over 20 years of experience on staff. Our friendly, expert technicians work closely with clients to remove the pest problem and help reduce future pesticide use by educating people about integrated pest management techniques.

Malvern pennsylvania pest control

At Patriot Pest Solutions, your satisfaction is our top priority. We share a commitment to ethical, professional and environmentally responsible service. We guarantee you the highest standards of integrity and we focus not just on solving your immediate problem, but on earning your long-term trust.

Pest Control

Malvern residents commonly see ants, cockroaches, fleas and spiders throughout the year. These pests can enter your home in a variety of ways like hiding in delivery boxes or entering through cracks around doors and windows. Seeing a single ant, cockroach or flea always means there are more in areas you can't see. Spot treatment with over-the-counter sprays may kill visible bugs, but only a trained professional pest control professional can eliminate your pest problems completely.

organic certified pest control PA

Organic Pest Control

Go organic and choose the most natural pest control solution available! You'll receive a smart, effective and environmentally responsible service each time we arrive at your door. We carefully select natural products that provide effective, targeted pest control solutions. These scientifically engineered low toxicity products are more effective and biodegradable to minimize the impact on our environment.

malvern bed bug removal

Bed Bug Control

A common myth about bed bugs is that they are a result of uncleanliness. However, bed bugs can infest any home because they are notorious hitchhikers. Bed bugs have made a resurgence in the last few years due to increased international travel, shipping, and pesticide resistance. Once they're on clothes or in baggage, these pests will quickly infest your home or business because they are prolific breeders. They prefer living in cracks and crevices of furniture and mattresses and they move easily through wall spaces to infest many rooms in a structure. This is why they are a nightmare for hotels, condos and apartments. While there has been no proof that they spread disease, they do feed on the blood of their hosts by biting the skin. Depending on the location and severity of the infestation of your Malvern property, we offer several effective bed bug solutions:

  • Bed Bug Organic Treatment - This non-chemical, biopesticide is one of the safest treatment options available. Organic treatment provides protection against future bed bug infestations for up to 3 months, typically at half the cost of heat treatment.
  • Bed Bug Heat Treatment - Eliminate 100% of eggs, nymphs and adults with one heat treatment. Heat penetrates walls, furniture and mattresses. This treatment does not use chemicals and the room can be used within 24 hours of service.
  • Bed Bug Steam Treatment - Steam treatments are 100% effective, eliminating adults, nymphs and eggs. Steam requires extensive treatment of furniture and mattresses. Typically requires 2 services for full control. No chemicals used during this process.
  • Bed Bug Conventional Treatment - Bed bug pesticide application is ideal for a small infestation that is caught in the early stages. The pesticide used is low toxicity, low odor and may require regular treatment to gain full control.
Malvern pennsylvania rodent control removal

Rodent Control & Removal

Rats and mice can not only carry diseases in their droppings, they can also spread other unwanted pests like fleas and bed bugs.They are typically found in kitchens and bathrooms in homes near sources of water and food. Effective rodent control involves population reduction with the use of traps, baits and tracking powders. Rodent stations are placed around the perimeter of your home to ensure no future rodents move in. After the rodents have been successfully removed from the home, we focus on effective sanitation and rodent exclusion to keep them from re-entering the building.

Termite Control

Protect your home from termites before the damage occurs with regular subterranean termite treatments. We're state certified and have performed hundreds of wood destroying pest inspections. Our non-repellent termiticides and baits are effective at stopping termite colonies where they start. Termites are highly social insects which communicate by contact with one another. Our non-repellent above-ground and in-ground treatments are transferred by treated termites throughout the colony like a virus, eliminating your termite colony.

Malvern pennsylvania wildlife control

Wildlife Control & Removal

Wildlife removal is increasingly important because urban sprawl reduces wildlife habitats. In many cases, wildlife species co-exist with their human neighbors leading to situations where action is needed to protect the wildlife, your family or home. Patriot Pest Solutions offers over 20 years experience in wildlife removal and exclusion. We're fully insured and licensed with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, National Wildlife Control Operators Association and the Pennsylvania Trappers Association. All of our certified, state-licensed technicians are fully insured and ready to eliminate your wildlife problem.

raccoon control PA

Raccoon Control & Removal

Raccoons are often found near sources of food and water outdoors. Fruit trees, trash, pet food and gardens are all great food sources for raccoons. They make their nests in attics, chimneys and garages, often causing significant damage. Raccoons are excellent climbers and once a raccoon is on a roof, it can rip open vents or find construction gaps in soffits, which will lead the raccoon into the attic. Once inside attics or walls, raccoons will destroy insulation for nesting materials and contaminate the area with urine and feces. It's important to catch them early, before they multiply and the problem intensifies. Do not attempt to capture raccoons yourself! Raccoons are very aggressive and strong animals. When threatened, raccoons have been known to attack people and pets. We have years of experience with humane raccoon removal practices and can help you fix your problem fast!

squirrel control PA

Squirrel Control & Removal

Squirrels may seem cute, but their destructive chewing can cause significant damage to your home. It is important to catch them early, as they routinely damage electrical wiring. You don't resort to extreme measures. Our technicians are state-licensed and specially trained in humane squirrel trapping, removal and exclusion services. We are able to capture squirrels inside the structure, as well as squirrels entering the structure. After the traps are set up, we will begin exclusion work which includes inspecting the structure for weak openings and sealing them by closing gaps or installing the appropriate screens.

mosquito pest control malvern PA

Mosquito Control

100% organic mosquito control barrier treatments are a cost effective way to kill and repel mosquitoes and gnats. Our organic mosquito control plans keep you, your pets and your children safe through the warm season. We'll inspect your home and yard to find contributing factors to a mosquito problem. We treat foliage, vegetation, shrubbery areas, patios, eaves, covered porches, and other resting areas. We'll help you reclaim your space and enjoy Malvern summers without fear of itchy mosquito bites! Our services are 100% guaranteed, if you don't like your service - you don't pay! If you’re tired of mosquitoes and gnats buzzing around your home and backyard, call us today and see why people choose Patriot Pest Solutions for their mosquito control in Malvern.

spotted lanternfly pest control malvern PA

Spotted Lanternfly Control

The Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive plant hopper which are spreading rapidly and present a serious threat to gardens, orchards, and woodlands in Malvern. Lanternfly nymphs feed on small plants and vines in the spring using their piercing mouthparts to suck the sap out of stems, leaves, and even the trunks. After maturing into adults, Spotted Lanternflies begin feeding on trees. Infested trees develop weeping wounds which leave grayish or black trails along the trunk. In fall, adults lay egg masses on host trees and nearby smooth surfaces like outdoor furniture, stone, structures and vehicles. Early detection is the key to protecting crops such as apples, grapes, hardwoods and stone fruits on your property. Our treatment uses a systemic pesticide which is applied to the roots of the plant and absorbs into the tree itself. This treatment kills the Lanternflies as they attempt to feed. and prevents further infestation.

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Pest Control Reviews

5 star review

Loved that Patriot Pest Solutions used products that were safe to be around my children and hardwood floors. The product was effective in romping my ants with one service. Technician was friendly and informative.

5 star review

Service was excellent with Patriot Pest Solutions. I would highly recommend this company to anyone! I have used it overall for the "Home Protection Plan" which is awesome when living in the country, where pests, bugs and bees are prevalent. Their staff is friendly, approachable and reliable. When they give a time they are coming out, they mean it, and do what they need to do neatly and efficiently. The best part about Patriot Pest Solutions: they use green pesticides to treat, leaving my pets and family safe. All of their treatments have been effective and they take great preventative measures. I am all for small, family owned businesses, and I say hats off to them for their customer care, expertise, and professionalism. Thanks for keeping our home pest-free and our outdoors an enjoyable place to relax and feel comfortable! Keep up the great work!

5 star review

I was sold on Patriot Pest Solutions after talking to my neighbor Kevin who happens to be a service technician for the company. I decided to give Patriot Pest Solutions a call. For the initial inspection Dane came out and gave a detailed, thorough inspection. He let me know what he was doing and most importantly why. Long story short, my mouse problem is FINALLY solved!! Kevin will stop by when he's walking his dog to make sure there are no issues or if I have any concerns. From the office employees to the field technicians, this company is the real deal. Thank you all so much!!

5 star review

I had bird nest in the dryer vent near on the siding. They removed nest, sprayed to kill mites and put the galvanized cover on top of vent. Easy to set up appointment, straight forward up front price estimate. Technician on time and did nice job. Their workflow is good from setting up appointment to technician showing up and completing work. I would call them again if any pest or animal issue.

5 star review

Kim answered my call and was very polite and helpful in setting up a prompt appointment. Chad gave me an assessment of my bat situation, and gave easy suggestions on how to chase it away. He even gave me suggestions on how to keep bed bugs from following me home from a trip. I would definitely recommend them.

5 star review

I just had the pleasure of meeting Dane T. and his colleague while they were treating my home for ants. Of course we all know a happy wife is a happy life. So when my wife happened to find ants in our kitchen, Patriot Pest Solutions came to save the day. It was determined that we did have two separate trails of ants coming into the house from outside; therefore, all appropriate measures were taken. I even signed up for the protection plan to prevent any further issues as well as have the security that Patriot Pest Solutions will be there immediately in the event of another issue. Thank you for making my wife and my life happier :-)

5 star review

Dane was very nice and knowledgeable. Put a plan in place to get rid of these animals in our attic. Fast friendly service.

5 star review

Justin M is the best! He is a great tech. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Checks on all my concerns. He is wonderful in helping alleviating my crazy spider phobia!!!

5 star review

Dane came over to help us with our mouse problem. He asked a few questions, took a look around the house, and knew exactly where to set the traps. He was extremely polite and friendly and we got rid of our mouse issue in no time. Great service, great communication, would recommend Dane and Patriot Pest Solutions to anyone.

5 star review

Great service! We called in the morning and they were able to be out in a few hours. Chad not only took care of the bat in our house, educated us on what else we could do if it happened again. I would definitely recommend and will use again for any other pest problems.

pest control Insulation replacement malvern PA

Insulation Replacement

A wildlife presence in your attic means carcasses, feces and urine right above you and your family's heads. Animal waste poses a significant health hazard to humans and must be removed from the building. We can help! We will remove your contaminated attic insulation, disinfect, repair access holes and install a fresh layer of TAP pest control insulation. TAP is a natural fiber insulation treated with Boric acid to produce fire-retardant, thermally superior, sound deadening insulation with permanent pest control properties. TAP kills ants, cockroaches, millipedes, silverfish, spiders, termites and many other pests. Unlike rolled insulation, TAP forms a perfect fit, filling nooks and crannies. TAP can be used as a "cap" over existing insulation in an attic or can be used on its own. Typical energy savings with TAP insulation range from 20%-38%.

Satisfaction Guarantee

pest control 100% guarantee

With over 50 years of experience, you can rest assure that Patriot Pest Solutions can eradicate any pest problem you may have in your residence or commercial property. Our family-owned business offers the best wildlife and pest preventative and removal solutions. We pride ourselves on being a results oriented business offering 100% pest control guarantee.